Does Location Really Matter?

You find a beautiful home available on the market, but you’re not so sure about the location. Does it really matter all that much? Yes, it does. That’s why you’ll often hear real estate professionals say, “Location, location, location.” The location of a home you’re considering buying will affect you in two ways. First, ...

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Making an Offer in a Sellers Market

In today’s seller dominated marketplace buyers will often encounter a situation where sellers, usually at the advice of their agent, will choose a date to review and respond to offers. If implemented correctly this tactic is usually beneficial to sellers for a few reasons. It sets a timeline controlled by ...

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San Luis Obispo Housing Inventory

In keeping with the rest of the U.S., San Luis Obispo home inventory is at a record low. This has put upward pressure on prices as a large number of buyers compete for the few homes that are on the market. As of March 2018, inventory in San Luis Obispo was ...

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